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A Few Words About Chon Chola

Our restaurant is stylishly designed with the simple but elegant decoration.

Chon Chola restaurant itself offers a fine dining experience, we believe that in order for our restaurant to enjoy continuous success, we must constantly exceed our guests' expectations. Each and every guest is treated with a personal touch and appreciation. We are confident that this personal touch is exactly what you will find each and every time you visit us.


  • Jesica Priston, 22 years, student“This restaurant is excellent if you want a buzzy, busy and informal atmosphere. I would highly recommend particularly if you have children and/or in a group. It is plentiful and fresh and varied. Highly recommended...”
  • Mark Johnson, 35 years,
    office manager
    “This was our first visit (2 adults and 3 children) to Chon Chola and what an excellent experience, well presented and tasty, I would recommend this to anyone.”
  • Sam Kromstain, 47 years“Highly recommended. Service excellent; decor very modern. The food is excellent - lots of choice. Good car park....”